Aoibhneas Women & Children's Refuge Coolock Dublin

16 Days Campaign 2014
Breaking The Link.
For those of you who don't know, I also facilitate art workshops and October to November was especially busy as I was project managing the launch of an exhibtion for Aoibhneas Women and Children's refuge in Coolock.

Aoibhneas in association with the 16 Days of Action Opposing Violence will launch their commemorative design Breaking the Link.
The design commemorates the 204 women who have been murdered in Ireland since 1996.
Each of the 204 paper dolls were hand cut and wrapped in Japanese Washi tape they represent a woman’s life lost to violence. The paper dolls are bound together to represent the unfortunate link they share. The Paper Dolls linked with ribbon spell out the relationships we have to women. This symbolises that a life lost to violence also represents the loss of a daughter, sister, mother, cousin, aunt, grandmother, niece and friend.
The theme ‘Breaking the Link’ represents that although these women share a life lost that as members in Irish society we have an obligation to promote women’s basic human rights by breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

The exhibition was such a success that it will remain as a permanent installation in the refuge, which I am thrilled about and was very honoured to be part of this artistic process with the women and staff in Coolock.